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RP World Models are now the only toy soldier Factory in the country offering a full manufacturing service including mould making, casting, painting and packing.

We are now offering all our products as unpainted castings ready for painting, we can supply paints and brushes if reaquired paints £2.00 per jar and Brushes £2.50 each.

All painted figures available as single boxed items £10.00 each

They're here!  William Britian's spares including drums, labels,saddles, flags and boxes.

Here now: Original William Britain's mounted figure 8840 Bombay Lancer.


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RP World Models

Phone orders to: (+44) 0115 942 7462   or call in person: Chelsea House, Chelsea Street,. New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7HP

Factory openning times 7-00am to 3-30pm Monday to Thursday and 7-00am to 12-00 noon Friday. Visit the factory shop with a wide range of past William Britains items or get a casting done while you watch.

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